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What is uni-T?

What is uni-T?

uni-T is a politically-neutral news and information network that aggregates and curates media content from around the world, creating bulletins and programs available on the uni-T app and website. We offer Membership to our subscribers, engaging closely with those Members to ensure transparency and openness in our editorial decision-making process and content curation. Through our Membership funding model, uni-T remains free of government or “big business” money and control.

uni-T is a neutral window on the world’s news media.

Our mission statement is to address the growing trust failure in news media by providing a clearer perspective through diverse, relevant news content from a wide range of media outlets around the world. We show the big picture of news stories.

Our Vision is one-click access to diverse, international angles on issues in the news.

Our slogan is Truly global news...Founded by global citizens.

Why uni-T?

Why uni-T?

Media owners - whether governments or big business - control and shape the message. They become a big factor in deciding the information you get and can then influence what you think. Plus, AI and algorithms are widely used to control content - creating an “echo chamber” - the same perspective on a story that just gets louder and louder until you hear nothing else.

Tem uni-T

Team uni-T


He is a pioneering international journalist and a founding member of BBC World, CNN International and Al Jazeera English. His global interview shows established his reputation for trust and impartiality

What does he bring to uni-T?

Unique and extended news broadcasting experience that includes launching three of the biggest global news networks and conducting more than 10,000 interviews across almost every conceivable area of human activity. Plus, a solid reputation for trust and reliable neutrality as an international journalist. It’s surprising he hasn’t gone mad, looking at today’s media landscape - but it explains why he took a decade off to travel the globe before launching uni-T

Riz uni-T headshot square.jpg


Lindsey has a broad career in international media, in legal and commercial capacities - including Bloomberg Television, Al Jazeera International and CNBC Europe.

What does she bring to uni-T?

Skills in founding international news networks with a focus on the commercial and distribution aspects that baffle most other people in the industry. She knows what she’s doing. Plus, she’s a lawyer - so don’t mess with her!

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Parry Ravindranathan headshot B&W.jpg


Parry's role is one of the world’s leading media executives - until recently as President & Managing Director for Bloomberg’s International Media division, but also had senior editorial roles at CNN, Al Jazeera English, and Network 18.

What does he bring to uni-T?

Truly unparalleled experience as an executive manager at a global level in the media with an insider's understanding of how the news business is constantly evolving. Just try to find an area of global media expertise Parry does not have… we’re still trying!

Yannick Miller headshot B&W square.jpg


Yannick has worked in corporate and private banking, and has used those skills to manage a global community at the prestigious St. Gallen Symposium (founded in 1970) as CFO and Head of Community & Partnerships.

What does he bring to uni-T?

Links to an incredible international community of bright, young and globally-aware minds who see the need for a sincere and dramatic change in the new business - and are willing to actively contribute. Don’t be fooled by the cool glasses - he sees clearer than most of us!

uni-T Exclusive Content

Members Area

uni-T Members get access to a lot of great, exclusive content such as the full versions of shows that are promoted and shown in excerpted clips on social media and promoted here on the uni-T main webpage. Riz Khan’s full interview with The Mauritanian is being made available to Members.
To get more information, register HERE.

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Riz Khan’s Q&A with The Mauritanian

What the Fake?

After 35 years in the broadcasting business, that covered launching three major global networks and watching the world of mainstream media turn upside down, both in terms of technology and the way people consume it, Riz Khan’s new book, "What The Fake?! From Breaking News to Broken Media" candidly explores the changes that have shaped our news consumption. With some fun and some disturbing anecdotes & observations, you will get a rather unique peek behind the curtain that hides the news machinery. 

Interested in receiving the full book? Sign up for the free membership.

Become a Founder in uni-T

Founding Owner Graphic Earth at night from space 01Feb22.png

There is a limited opportunity to become part of the uni-T core Owning Founders. The link will take you to the registration window for the Members Area - where you can access more information about this.


News and Media


As uni-T gears up to accept Members, the Founder, Riz Khan, appeared on The Heat, the flagship interview show on China’s widely watched international channel, CGTN.
The host, veteran global journalist, Anand Naidoo, explored the changing shape of the news media landscape - especially in light of social media now becoming a major player in providing news to many people around the world. Below is a link to an edited version focused on Riz’s responses when asked about uni-T.

Each member of the uni-T has chosen to start something new: disrupt the status quo with a new journalism model  #TrustReset.

  • Are you hiring?
    Hiring is limited at the moment as we prepare Phase 1 of our crowdfunding - however, we are engaging with potential staff - looking for those who share the uni-T vision and see what it can achieve. Those understanding that we are a start-up - creating a unique and potentially huge project from the ground up - and willing to be part of that, please email us at
  • Can I subscribe to uni-T now?
    Our Kickstarter campaign is live from February 1, 2022 until March 31, 2022; you can support us with pledges that will grant you uni-T Membership at heavily discounted rates: £25 (about $35 - half-price) for a one-year subscription - activated once we’ve launched in early 2023 (effectively one year free access) £150 (just over $200) for a life-time subscription, activated once we’ve launched early 2023. Meanwhile, you can subscribe to our newsletter that will include free exclusive content and updates directly from the uni-T team
  • What happens after this crowdfunding/fundraising stage?
    Our Kickstarter campaign runs from 1 February, 2022, to 31 March, 2022. We will email regular updates during the campaign to those of you who pledge. Please note that we'll be producing unique uni-T content immediately from April 1, 2022. We will share this content through our newsletter. Your feedback, questions and engagement on our content will also be very much appreciated!
  • When will uni-T launch?
    uni-T official launch will be in March 2023.
  • What will you do with the funds?
    ALL of the money you pledge will be used to build uni-T infrastructure - platform and design. Your contribution will also help uni-T to create high quality content: recruiting qualified journalists and contributors, access to international media resources, equipment and translators.
  • Can I invest in uni-T for shares instead of pledging on Kickstarter?
    Yes, we are still accepting investment requests based on eligibility (no politically exposed persons, government representatives, etc.). Remember, this is an investment and not a donation. Please email us for more details:
  • Where is uni-T based?
    uni-T is a company with its operational headquarters registered in London. The plan is to expanded with two other main offices: Washington, D.C. and Singapore
  • How much does a uni-T subscription cost?
    The full rate is £5 a month (around $7) and £50 (around $70) for an annual subscription. However, during the Phase 1 Kickstarter campaign we are offering heavy discounts.
  • Why are you crowdfunding?
    Instead of taking money from governments and big corporations that could dictate our agenda, we opted for global crowdfunding to maintain our neutrality, transparency, and diversity.


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